How To Tell Bad Mussels

Picture The Recipe Tips- How to tell bad mussels

Picture The Recipe Tip#61: How To Tell Bad Mussels


Not sure when to eat Mussels? When raw, throw away any opened ones. When cooked, throw away any closed ones.



  1. Amanda says

    Not 100% true! I work in a fish market and we sell 100’s of pounds of mussels a week. Just because a fresh mussel is open does not always mean it is dead/bad. Live, healthy mussels will open up to warm up if they get to cold from being packed in ice. To check to see if they are, in fact, dead, close your fist around them for 5-10 seconds. If they start to close up (you can see the slow movement of the shell closing) they are fine. Another way is to spray them with cold water. It’s a reflex for them to close their shell to protect themselves!

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