Fresh Ginger Always

Picture The Recipe Tips - Fresh Ginger Always

Picture The Recipe Tip#67: Fresh Ginger Always

Enjoy always having fresh ginger on hand by peeling some large pieces of ginger, break them into 1-2 inch knobs and freeze them in zip-lock bag. Then when you need fresh ginger…simply grab a peeled piece and grate it (still frozen) using a microplane to use in your dish however you’d like.

(Source: Empowered Sustenance)

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  1. Semara Hassan says

    Came upon your blog while looking for a sheppard’s Pie recipe. Its a favorite dish served at
    at Easter gathering. I have an old go to recipe but decided to venture and look for new
    updated one. Plus, at this gathering we have a few vegetarians.
    Anyway, I thought your blog is one of the best. Love the pictures and the steps taken to
    make it easy for us to follow.
    And what you said in the opening of your introduction is so on the point. That’s what my
    dad use to say “You feast with your eyes”
    Thank you and will definitely be your new fan

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