Creative Kitchen Products That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pictures)

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  1. Kit says

    Better title for post :

    More Kitchen Gadgets you don’t have room for which you will eventually dispose of in a yard sale at a tenth what you paid for them.

  2. Mal says

    The problem with these is that they’re mostly single-purpose items, unnecessary and/or take a lot of space. The multiple tool spatula-handle, for example, takes up more space than five separate utensils, plus you have to identify and attatch the correct head.
    For normal quantities, it’s quicker to use a knife for all the variations on cutting things up, than it would be to get out the gadget. If you’re cutting large quantities, what you want is a mandolin, which isn’t listed.
    Actual gadgets worth getting (for some) are an in-pot boiled egg timer, finger guard, and silicon tray liner.

  3. Chef Sonny says

    I agree most of these gadgets are useless but a few are useful and good to have.

    1. The ketchup and taco shell holders are handy items.

    2. I got the 5 bladed scissors as an Xmas present. At first it was used as a shredder on documents/bills. I later discovered its use dicing green onions or chives or other herbs, slicing strawberries, and other food goodies. The latter being fresh pasta dough.

  4. Like 'em says

    yes, a bunch of these would be cool to have. And used.

    @nero – attack of the 50 foot kitchen tools. Too much tv. ;D


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