Creative Kitchen Products That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pictures)

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  1. Kit says

    Better title for post :

    More Kitchen Gadgets you don’t have room for which you will eventually dispose of in a yard sale at a tenth what you paid for them.

  2. Mal says

    The problem with these is that they’re mostly single-purpose items, unnecessary and/or take a lot of space. The multiple tool spatula-handle, for example, takes up more space than five separate utensils, plus you have to identify and attatch the correct head.
    For normal quantities, it’s quicker to use a knife for all the variations on cutting things up, than it would be to get out the gadget. If you’re cutting large quantities, what you want is a mandolin, which isn’t listed.
    Actual gadgets worth getting (for some) are an in-pot boiled egg timer, finger guard, and silicon tray liner.

  3. Chef Sonny says

    I agree most of these gadgets are useless but a few are useful and good to have.

    1. The ketchup and taco shell holders are handy items.

    2. I got the 5 bladed scissors as an Xmas present. At first it was used as a shredder on documents/bills. I later discovered its use dicing green onions or chives or other herbs, slicing strawberries, and other food goodies. The latter being fresh pasta dough.

  4. Like 'em says

    yes, a bunch of these would be cool to have. And used.

    @nero – attack of the 50 foot kitchen tools. Too much tv. ;D

  5. Janice says

    I bought the green salad spinner with all the attachments . My spinner top has broken and is no longer usable. The plastic part that spins the webbed bowl broken so no spinning was happening. Since my main purpose for purchasing the item was to dry salad greens, I need to have the spinner top replaced. How do I get it replaced?


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