Adorable Pig Dishes

For  as long as I can remember my brother has called me “Piggy”. I’m not quite sure what brought on the nickname, maybe it’s cos I eat like a pig?? I do love food and although it might not look like it I can pack it away if I wanted to. Whatever the reason it caught on and before I knew it the rest of my family and friends now associate me with the animal.  Since it was a loving nickname, over the years I’ve kinda embraced it and grown to love this adorable animal. And maybe that’s why my Bacon-obsessed husband fell in love with me (case and point: my husband’s network of sites under the Bacon Wrapped Media banner).

Anyway the point I was getting to, is that I’m a little pig obessed now and when I see something with a pig on it, I instantly want it. Just the other day I was out shopping with my sister-in-law when I spotted this pig platter. So obviously I had to buy it…and to top it off my sister-in-law, a gem of a person, found a matching pig bowl that she said just had to buy for me to match my platter….so yay for me! Thanks Dusti!

Here are my new Pig dishes-

Cute huh? While I bought them from the store ‘Cost Plus-World Market’ and I love that they are mustard yellow and not pink, I happened to find a bunch of very similar pig platters and dishes on Amazon that I thought I’d share with you guys….

Clay Art Free Range Pig Platter

Pig Platter

Pig Oval Dish

Red BBQ Pig Platter

Pig Shaped Soup Serving Dish

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