Valentines Day Breakfast: Lace Heart Pancakes With Strawberry Sauce

I know Valentine’s day is a ways away, but with all the stores around here already putting out all their Valentine’s Day merchandise on display…Love is in the air! Also, this happens to be my first Valentine’s day as a married woman…so there’s hope that it won’t be just another day and my husband takes note *wink wink*. I decided to dedicate a few posts and a share a few food ideas to that are super easy to make for your loved one, on this special day.

As the day starts with breakfast, there’s no better way to show you care than Pancakes! But, instead of just your regular pancakes, here’s a fun and simple way to to make them special….by drawing out heart shaped pancakes of course!

Who doesn’t love playing with their food? You can doodle some hearts with a special message for your  girlfriend/boyfriend, husband or wife and bring them breakfast in bed to start their day well. And how sweet would this be if all the kids (that is if you have any) could draw their own hearts for mom on Valentine’s day or even  for a Birthday breakfast or Mother’s Day?

Here’s how you can make these lace pancakes with a strawberry sauce…


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