Spicy Shrimp with Lemon

I love spicy foods, the hotter it is… the better! Here’s a quick and very very simple,  spicy shrimp recipe with some Asian flavors, that works as an appetizer or can be served as a topping to  a fried rice or noodle dish.

Spicy Shrimp with Lemon

16 (or more) jumbo shrimp (raw, with tail on)
2 Tsp Seasame Oil
2 tsp honey/ or sugar
2 Tbsp Siracha (hot chili sauce)
Zest & Juice of half a lemon
4 cloves of garlic
Salt & Pepper to taste.

– Rinse the shrimp under cold water and pat dry with a paper napkin.
– In a mixing bowl add 2 tsps seasame oil, 2 tsp honey, 2 tbsp Siracha sauce, zest of half a lemon, 4 cloves of garlic grated, salt to your taste & pepper to your taste and the juice of half a lemon.
– Mix all the ingredients together well.
– Add the shrimp and leave them to marinate for a couple hours in the fridge.
– Pierce the shrimp through skewers (around 4-5 on a skewer).
– Heat up a grill pan (or outdoor grill). Drizzle on plenty of olive oil if it’s a grill pan.
– When the pan is nice and sizzling hot, lay on the skewers!
– Then just let them cook on one side until they get nice and opaque, with some black spots here and there. 2-3 mins on each side usually does the trick.
– And pretty much that’s all there is to it! Serve the skewers on a layer of lemon slices that you can just pick up and sweeze over for that extra zing.

mmmm…these are just lip smacking good, but you might want to have some cool drinks handy!


    • Noreen says

      Thanks, I had these with a simple egg fried rice. But too be honest I cold have them just as they are with a nice cold drink!


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