Rudolph & Friends Cupcakes or Brownies

So I had a batch of brownies leftover from making my Mini Santa Hat Brownies when I decided, Santa needed his reindeer friends. If you happen to use my brownie recipe from that post, you can make a tray of mini muffin brownies (24)  and a tray of regular muffins (12), which works out perfect for making these reindeer, plus you’ll have some leftover mascarpone buttercream icing for the reindeer eyes. It’s a win-win situation really! Anyway without further ado, here’s how to make these adorable Christmas treats…

Rudolph And Friends Brownies/Cupcake Recipe

Your favorite batch of cupcakes or try my recipe for fudge brownies.
Any chocolate frosting of your choice
A pack of Nilla wafers
Any white frosting or whipped cream. (I happened to have some leftover mascarpone buttercream icing from making my mini santa hat brownies)
A tube of black icing writing gel
A bag of pretzels

– Slap some chocolate frosting on the brownies/ cupcakes. Don’t worry if it’s a little messy or drips over the sides.
– Place a Nilla wafre off center, towards the bottom of the brownie/cupcake. Push it a little into the frosting so it’s secure.
– Glue a red M&M (for rudolph) or brown M&M (for the other reindeers) onto the center of the wafer, using a little of the chocolate frosting. Since you need only the red and brown M&M’s feel free to pop the rest in your mouth!
– Pipe two eyes using either whipped cream or any white frosting.
– Put two pretzels as the antlers, pushing them into the frosting to secure them.
– For the finale, use a tube of black cake writing gel to put dots in the eyes and TA DA!!
– Repeat with the other brownies/cupcakes, using brown M&M’s and smile to yourself thinking “So Cute!!”



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