Indian Naan Chicken Tikka Pizza

I had made Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan (Indian flatbread) the other day and had some left overs….so I decided to make little Indian Pizza’s out of them which were a big hit with my husband and inspired me to do this little post.

All you’ll need is
* Chicken Tikka Masala (see recipe here)
* Naan (see recipe here)
* 1/2 Onion, cut into thin rings
* 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
* Finely chopped cilantro for garnishing.

– Follow my naan recipe but cook them for only 3 minutes on one side. (you can also find and use ready made Naan bread in stores)

– Top the naan with chicken tikka masala. Try spreading the sauce first and then topping it with the pieces of chicken.

– Sprinkle on the cheese, a little bit of cilantro and the onion rings and pop it under the broiler for just 2-3 minutes.

Garnish with more fresh chopped cilantro and that’s all there is to it!

Recipe & Photos: Noreen Hiskey


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