Garlic Parmesan Knots

I like serving fresh warm rolls with my meals, especially if I’m having someone over. But, it’s a lot of work to make rolls from scratch and more often than not I resort to baking a pack of ready-made biscuits or crescent rolls. Here’s a quick and easy way to spice up a batch of biscuits to make it look homemade and lend it more flavor!

Garlic Parmesan Knots Recipe

1 (16 oz) pack of your favorite Biscuits
3 tbsp of grated Parmesan Cheese
1 tsp dried Parsley
1 tsp dried Oregano
1 tsp Kosher Salt
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
Butter Spray ( or 2 tbsp butter melted)

– Start by cracking open that pack of biscuits.
– On a lightly floured surface, roll a biscuit into a sausage shape. Once it’s around 6-7 inches long, tie a knot with the dough…a simple knot, just as you would a rope or shoe lace or whatever.
– Pull the one end over and tuck it in the back and push the other in to the back as well….ta da, looks fancier already doesn’t it?
– Bake the knots according to the instructions on the pack (mine said a 425F Oven for 15-17 minutes). Bake them in the oven for a few minutes less than what the pack says. I baked for 10 minutes.
– While your knots are baking, lets start with what makes these rolls so good
-The garlic parmesan topping. Grate about 3 tablespoons worth of fresh parmesan cheese…and if you must you can resort to the powdered parmesan that you get in a jar.
– Add a teaspoon each of dried parsley, oregano and kosher salt and add just 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder. Mix well.
– After around 10-12 minutes take the rolls out of the oven and spray with some butter (or if you’r using regular melted butter, brush it) on each roll.
– Sprinkle your topping over each of the rolls. Be generous!
– Pop the rolls back into to oven till they turn a beautiful golden.


  1. Tiffany says

    These look & sound absolutely fabulous! Can’t believe they’re so simple to make; the easier, the better. Can’t wait to try them!! Thanks to the genius who created these little masterpieces!

  2. Liuba says

    Looks too yummy! Love everything with Parmesan! Can’t wait to make them at home!!!!!! When i have a right oven… lol

  3. Margy says

    Yum. Pizza Hut makes delicious cheesy breadsticks and I’ll bet it’s that recipe but with pizza dough.
    I wonder if you would want to dip the biscuits in marinara sauce or ranch dressing also for a unique taste. Once again, YUM!

  4. says

    Found you on Pinterest ;o) I made these tonight with our spaghetti dinner. Everyone loved them… well except our 8 year old who is a little grumpy this evening… so we really can’t go on her opinion because nothing is good right now! Thank you for posting this I am trolling your recipes and pinning a few to try… I think Indian Flatbread is next!

    • Noreen says

      Thanks Michele! I would suggest the 7 up biscuits for the 8 year old with a little honey drizzled over! I know I love them! ;-)

  5. says

    I love garlic knots and these look really tasty, but I’m disappointed that you feel homemade rolls are too difficult. Making rolls from scratch is really easy and fairly quick, with the bonus being that you get to control what you end up feeding your family. No preservatives, no chemicals, and certainly no of whatever “butter flavor” is made of! I love this recipe:

    Give it a try sometime, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

    • Noreen says

      I agree that home-made rolls would be better and I have on occasion made them from scratch. It’s not that I find making rolls hard, this recipe is more of an idea and a quick and easy way to make rolls on the spot, when you haven’t planned ahead. :-)


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