Honey For Your Cough

Food Fact: Honey works extremely well as a cough suppressant.  In one study, children with respiratory tract infections were given two teaspoons of raw honey directly before going to bed.  Another group were given recommended doses of dextromethorphan, which is a common cough suppressant.  The children who were given the honey showed marked signs of decreased coughing in the night, which matched almost perfectly the decreased coughing in the children who were given dextromethorphan.  So if you don’t have any cough medicine around, honey seems to be a good natural alternative to synthesized medicine in this case. (Learn More about this fact here)

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  1. NFG says

    Hi Noreen,
    My husband and I are beekeepers w/20 years experience. While I believe that honey is excellent as a relief for a sore throat and cough, I get suspicious of any picture, article, blog that starts….”A study proves…” Please cite your source somewhere in your blog. There are too many myths and half truths out there. Honey is great but it is not a cure all miracle. Thanks

    • Noreen says

      If you click on the learn more about this fact link in the text below (as you can’t hyper link text in an image) it takes you directly to the source of my shortened version of the Fact. My source TodayIFoundOut.com is a very reputable site with well researched facts. They also reference their articles with sources below each article. Please read the entire content clearly before commenting. Thanks.

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