12 Interesting Facts About Foods

Source: TodayIFoundOut.com


  1. Grim says

    In fact, the reason French fries are called “French” fries is something else. Durin the second world war, American soldiers fighting in the French-speaking part of Belgium would get to know French fries, but because the locals would speak French, the soldiers thought they were in France. that’s why thy started referring to this dish as “French fries”.

  2. mila says

    your site has contradicted itself. In this article, the last “fact” states that jam and jelly are different. In the article “10 food myths” its says that jam and jelly are the same.

    • Noreen says

      It isn’t a contradicition, as both points are stressing the same fact, you probably misunderstood it. In the “10 Interesting Food Myths Dispelled” article the Myths are stated in the point title and the myth in that case states- Jam and Jelly are the same. The explaination dispells the said myth, by proving their difference. :-)


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