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“You eat with your eyes first”


Hi! I’m Noreen and I’m the ultimate foodie. I love to cook, eat, read cookbooks, watch cooking shows and talk a whole lot about food. Food to me is an endless topic. I could learn, eat and talk about food every day of my life and not get bored.

I worked as a content writer for a number of years, talking about topics I didn’t really care very much about, but it paid the bills. And I have to admit that it taught me a tremendous amount about the internet world, social media and the type of content out there. I recently married the love of my life who’s in the website business as well, and moved a staggering 8,000 miles away from my home in India to the United States. It didn’t take long for my husband to see my obsession with food, as I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen testing new recipes, while watching the food network or eating. He also quickly learned to be patient with me as I took pictures of everything we ordered at restaurants, before he could dig in. It’s his encouragement and persuasion (read as nagging) today, that has made me open my kitchen doors and share my simple escapades in the kitchen with you all.

This blog is my passion and includes all things that I love…food, photography, dinking around with photoshop. I hope you enjoy the recipes and all I have to share here. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or e-mail me at [email protected] You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and  Pinterest


  1. Colette says

    Love your website and blog! I am going to try the apple coleslaw tonight. As a working single parent of two boys who are extremely picky, I am always looking for interesting and easy to prepare foods. I am also from the
    Caribbean, so I do enjoys melas that are well seasoned and colorful. Your recipes fit that bill.

    Thanks again!

  2. Renee says

    I was lucky enough to stumble across your site today by following a link from another website. Your Valentine’s mixed drink with the cute strawberry hearts looks delicious! I’m going to fix it after I have this baby in a couple of months.

    • Noreen says

      Thanks Renee! It is one of my favorite cocktails…I do hope you try it and like it. Congratulations on the baby :-)

  3. says

    Well can see how you want to cook being so far away from home. I can also see how you have such a wonderful site being a content writer and all that. I am an old fashioned writer who has stumbled onto the internet and despite being here for a long time am still struggling with the medium.

  4. Jackie says

    I am not an inspired cook but you have inspired me with these simple, beautiful recipes that I can follow with pictures of what I am supposed to be doing. I will be trying your Greek Marinated Salmon with Tzatziki this weekend and can’t wait – it looks so delicious!

  5. Cindy says

    Your site is amazing! I am a very visual learner so your website is GREAT! You also break it down so easily so it’s really simple to follow. THANK YOU!! :)

  6. Winnie says

    Hi Noreen, I’ve not try out any of your recipes.
    But from the instructions, it looks simple enough and I’m braving myself to give them a try.
    I come from a family whereby my dad, mom and sis are good cooks. Hence, there was never a need for me to do any cooking myself. I’ll be getting married soon and move to our own condo with my husband. I am so excited to start cooking for him.

    • Noreen says

      Hi Winnie,
      I’m glad you’re going to give some recipes a try. They really are pretty simple and I’m sure you can do it! :-)

  7. Adrián says

    Hello Noreen and congratulatios for you and your husband, I’m Adrián, and I’m from Costa Rica. It means, my english isn’t very fluently but I really love to know people who their passion about “everything”.
    Keep doing it and, again CONGRATULATIONS.

  8. Tahera says

    Hi I’m Tahera
    My husband is crazy and has a passion for food. He’s constantly asking me 2 try new recipes. I haven’t tried your recipes yet but my reading your blog, I’m inspired to try your recipes.
    Many thanks

  9. Sharon says

    I tried the balsamic steak rolls and they are a hit! They are absolutely yummy and my daughter loves the veggies!

  10. says

    Liked your recipes, but it’s hard to read them on screen. The thin typeface you use is drowned out by the white background. Why not use verdana, which is created for web pages? Your legibility would be greatly increased.

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